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Basal rate calculator

Please enter the amounts of short-acting and long-acting insulin in the basal rate calculator

The calculated basal rate profile can only provide an initial guide in setting the patient. This profile must be adjusted to the individual insulin requirements of the insulin pump user by basal rate testing.
Still effective ICT-delayed insulin can still influence the glucose level on the first days after the switch to CSII. A corresponding reduction in the basal rate profile may need to be reconsidered for these days.
Due to rounding in each basal rate step, adapted to the programming steps of the insulin pump, the calculated basal rate may deviate slightly from the default.
The determination of the correct dosage is the sole responsibility of the treating physician.

Patient age:
Short-term insulin Total dose approx.: IU/Tag
Long-term insulin Total dose approx.: IU/Tag
Diabetes setting:
Proportion of BR to daily insulin under CSII:
Insulin for CSII:

modified: Klinkert C et al. Age-specific Characteristics of the Basal Insulin-rate for Pediatric Patients on CSII. Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes 2008; 116: 118-122